Caring for Your Luxury Watch

Luxury watches include the finest wristwatches such as the brands Rolex, Omega, and Breitling. These watches are available at a price ranging from over $4,000 to well over $20,000. These watches not only precede others in their function but also in their look and feel as they are the finest art pieces in the watch making industry.

They are characterized by longevity and beauty that usually lasts a lifetime and are to become the future’s collectibles. Luxury watch business was affected by the September 11 tragedy, but a revival in the demand was seen soon after. In Asian countries, especially in Singapore, the popularity of luxury watches is skyrocketing.


A notable quality of these watches is their personalization as personalized luxury watches make ideal gifts. Engravings, personalized leather straps, and customized faces are some of the ways to add to the value of the watch as a gift.

Caring for Luxury Watches

While luxury watches these days come equipped with better strength and resistance, most of them still need care for longevity and proper functioning. Following are some pints to consider in properly maintaining your luxury watch.

Safety from Water

An ideal luxury watch is resistant to water so that you can enjoy swimming while wearing it. Water carrying dissolved salt, seawater for example, causes more damage to the watch’s exterior because salt can corrode the watch’s material. It is recommended to take off your watch before swimming in salt water.


Do not expose your watch to excess heat or cold for long. Excess heat can shorten the life of your luxury watch’s battery. Similarly, extreme cold can affect the watch’s accuracy of time keeping.

Safety against Shock

Impact can damage the watch in a second. If you are an athlete, sportsman, or runner, do not wear your luxury watch while performing or practicing. Also, buy a shockproof watch that can withstand such impacts as are experienced in play.

Safety against Chemicals

Chemicals, solvents, and gases etc. can damage the watch’s surface and look by discoloration. Remove your watch when dealing with chemicals.


While household electric appliances do not cause damage to most watches, strong electric fields can affect the watch’s function. If you work in a place with strong electric/magnetic fields, buy a watch that is resistant to a high electric/magnetic field’s effect.


Get your watch cleaned regularly by a specialist. He or she will also do necessary minor repair work and change batteries if needed.

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